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The iconic singer has praised Taylor Swift’s political “coming out”.
03 Jan 2020

Barbra Streisand releasing anti-Trump album

January 3, 2020 |
Music |

EXCLUSIVE: BARBRA Streisand has praised Taylor Swift for taking a stand as the legendary entertainer and activist releases her politically-charged new record Walls ahead of the US midterm elections.

The Memories singer, actor, director and activist said Swift’s political “coming out” and its effect on voter enrolment made her “very proud.”

Walls is released the same day Swift brings her Reputation tour to Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, with Streisand speaking exclusively to Stellar magazine in a wide-ranging interview published on Sunday.

Walls is politically-charged. Picture: Supplied.’ width=’650′ />

Barbra Streisand’s new album Walls is politically-charged. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

“Taylor Swift came out and said don’t vote for this person, Marsha Blackburn, that was political. Yes, I was surprised because she hadn’t been political. I was very proud of her,” Streisand said.

The album addresses Streisand’s concerns about the erosion of freedom of the press, climate change and treatment of immigrants and frustrations with President Donald Trump.

The longtime campaigner for equal rights, the environment and education, has dedicated Walls to the Parkland student activists and the millions of young people who have rallied behind them.

Stellar magazine. Picture: Supplied.’ width=’650′ />

Barbra Streisand spoke exclusively to Stellar magazine. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied

“That’s who I dedicated the album to, to the young people who are speaking out,” she said.

“A lot of adults are afraid to speak out, I don’t know why, what have they got to lose really. Their career? I don’t worry about that kind of thing.

“I love their collective voice. It’s such a tragedy, that simple, effective gun control is so hard to get.”

The 76-year-old singer said she channelled her passionate hopes for a united America into making the record.

The iconic singer has praised Taylor Swift’s political “coming out”.

The iconic singer has praised Taylor Swift’s political “coming out”.Source:AAP

As well as her first original songs since 2005, the album also features a bold reimagining of John Lennon’s Imagine with Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World.

“You know, it’s like making a child, carrying a child and then you give birth to it and it has a life of its own. It’s a good feeling,” she said.

Walls is out on Friday.

**Don’t miss Stellar’s exclusive interview with Barbra Streisand this Sunday.



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