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Nickelback are still Team Lavigne. PIcture: Supplied.
13 Jan 2020
Nickelback on using social media to turn the Twitter troll tide

JUST as James Blunt has turned the troll tide on Twitter, so have those polarising Canadian rockers Nickelback scored respect […]

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If Harry Potter lived in the real world, he’d score a huge cheque for a TV tell-all on his brush with death.
12 Jan 2020
This new detail about Harry Potter’s scar will blow your mind

Harry Potter fans are going wild after a new detail about his famous “lightning bolt” scar began circulating on the […]

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Irish lead singer of rock band U2, Bono performs in Berlin, on August 31, 2018. Picture: Paul Zinken/AFP
09 Jan 2020
Fans fear for Bono after concert mishap

FANS were shocked an dismayed when after only a few songs into a much-anticipated concert, U2 front man Bono abruptly […]

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Violet was the only child who showed sympathy towards the Oompa Loompas.
07 Jan 2020
Insane Willy Wonka theory goes viral

Ahhhh the Willy Wonka movie. A true children’s classic. You’ve memorised the lyrics to every Oompa Loompa song. You were […]

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The iconic singer has praised Taylor Swift’s political “coming out”.
03 Jan 2020
Barbra Streisand releasing anti-Trump album

EXCLUSIVE: BARBRA Streisand has praised Taylor Swift for taking a stand as the legendary entertainer and activist releases her politically-charged […]

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01 Jan 2020
Four glorious music box sets rock the holidays

It’s that time of year when record companies roll out box sets by their brightest stars. We took a look […]

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We haven
27 Dec 2019
Get you broomsticks ready — a wizard-themed run is headed your way

  We haven’t been this shocked or excited since the Prisoner of Azkaban was released.Source:Supplied Good news witches, wizards and […]

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MacKay as Ned Kelly, complete with mullet.
18 Dec 2019
Russell Crowe’s beard in Ned Kelly movie is next level

RUSSELL Crowe’s new facial hair is un-beard-lievable! The New Zealand-born actor, 54, has been snapped for the first time on […]

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Burt Reynolds died on Thursday. Picture: Stephen Shugerman/AFP.
10 Dec 2019
Burt Reynolds Movies: Late actor’s incredible 200 film credits

AMERICAN actor Burt Reynolds had more than 200 films and TV credits before he died on Thursday aged 82. The […]

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09 Dec 2019
BTS earns highest Billboard Hot 100 debut for K-pop group

  K-pop superstars BTS — arguably the most popular boy band in the world right now — is breaking records […]

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